• Fast installation with 4 screws
  • Suitable for every kind of gates with hinges
  • Soft gate closure
  • Adjustable final latch
  • Reversible
  • Visually discreet
  • Not affected by climatic variations
  • Tested for 200.000 cycles
HIngy gate hinges

100% Made in Italy

hingy cerniere per cancelli con cardini

Improve accessibility

Easy for seniors, children and less able;

5Nm as the maximum opening torque compared to 47 Nm of a hydraulic doorcloser.

Easy maintenance

Unlike the doorcloser, you only need to grease the hinges at least every 30/50.000 cycles or 6 months.

No dependence on climatic variations

HINGY doesn’t contain any liquid.

Does not suffer performance changes with thermal shocks like the hydraulic doorcloser.

Visually discreet – vandalism

Unlike the doorcloser, HINGY is not exposed to vandalism.